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1 to 4 FBT Fused Type Fiber Optic Splitter

  • Easy to get the quartz substrate from raw materials.
  • Splitting ratio according to the needs of real-time monitoring.
  • With Good stability and low cost than PLC optical splitter.
  • Different combinations of coupling ratio.
  • Excellent environmental and mechanical stability.
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1 to 4 steel tube Planar Lightwave Circuit Splitter (PLC Splitter) is a common optical splitter. The PLC optical splitter can put the average signal assigned to the user, it can divide a single/dual optical input(s) into multiple optical outputs uniformly and is denoted 1xN or 2xN.

PLC fiber optic splitter, as a key optical device in passive optical network (PON) systems. PLC splitter offers superior optical performance, high stability and high reliability, meet various application requirements in different environments. Providing a range of wavelengths (1260–1650nm). Providing all types PC/APC/UPC connector, like SC, FC, LC, ST, MU etc. Single-mode or multi-mode fiber optic cable splitter with connector or not.



Different combinations of coupling ratio

Low crosstalk & excess loss

High optical return loss

Available in dual/three wavelength operation

Optional connectors termination upon request

Available in 250um & 900um fiber, 2mm or 3mm




Local ring net, Optical fiber communication system

Optical fiber test equipment, Optical fiber sensor



Parameter Grade A
Wavelength (nm) 850 or 1300nm 850&1300,others on request
Bandwidth (nm) ±20nm
Max. Excess Loss ≤0.8dB(0.3dB TYP)
Coupling Ratio (%) 50/50 40/60 30/70 20/80
Typ. Insertion Loss 3.3 dB 4.3/2.5 dB 5.6/1.95 dB 7.3/1.3 dB
Max. Insertion Loss 4.1 dB 5.1/3.3 dB 6.4/2.8 dB 8.1/2.1 dB
Polarization DL 0.2 dB 0.2 dB 0.3/0.2 dB 0.3/0.2 dB
Thermal Stability ≤0.3 (dB /℃)
Directivity (dB) ≥55 dB(≥60dB 2×2)
Temperature(℃) -40℃to +85℃
Package Type 1.bare fiber

2.0.9/2.0/3.0mm loose tube

3.connector type: FC/APC,FC/PC,SC/APC,SC/PC, all is optional

Pigtail length 1 meter, others on request
Package Dimensions(mm) Φ3×54mm, 90×20×10mm, 90×20×10
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1 to 4 FBT Fused Type Fiber Optic Splitter
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