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16 Slots Fiber Ethernet Media Converter Chassis

  • Supports card-type Ethernet media converter.
  • Up to 16 single-mode and multi-mode card-type media converters.
  • Single or double power supply can be selected.
  • The design reduces the wiring and simplifies the structure.
  • Its convenient for management and maintenance.
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16 Slot 2U Fiber Optic Media Converter Chassis is acceptable for the most 16 sets of 10/100M card-type media converters within a rack-mountable chassis which is supplied with unified power. The fiber converter rack chassis is empty, media converter is not included.

16 Slot 2U Fiber Optic Media Converter Chassis is a kind of cost-effective media converter rack (2U) widely used in the equipment room. Different types of module type media converter developed by our company can be inserted into this rack, which total slots up to 16. It is furnished with two power supplies: main power supply and spare one, and supports its automatic switch-over.



The power of the Rack can be supplied by the type of single power or dual power. Adopting dual power supply, the load of each power can be reduced and the life of the power would extend. When one power supply is at fault, the other one can still work independently. It would enhance the reliability of the RACK.
Supplying the Converters or Powers to be plugged and played.
10/100M, 10/100/1000M or 1000M media converters with external power supply can be rack-mountable in the chassis:
It is possessed of stable performance, large capacity of power supply, and ease for management and maintenance.
It can support DC-48V or AC 110~220V.
Capacity : 14 slots available
Power: Input DC-48V or AC 110~220V 50-60Hz; Output: DC 5V 12A
Power protection: protection from over voltage, over current and short circuit
Working temperature:0~50℃
Storage temperature:-20℃~70℃
Relative Humidity:5%~95%
Dimensions: 485 (wide) × 245 (length) × 90 (high) mm


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