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8 Cores FTTH Optical Distribution Box

  • FTTH 8 Ports Fiber Optic Termination Box
  • Wall-mounted easy to handle and install
  • Fast customer connection
  • Highly reliable, low maintenance and easy access
  • Compact , plug and play splitter module
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Teleweaver FTB08A 8 cores fiber distribution box constant expansion broadband network and fiber to the home, to achieve the feeder cable and branch cable reserved in the node, direct connection and allocation. FTB08A FTTH fiber distribution box is available for the 1X8 & 1×4 &1×2 splitters and suitable protect the fiber cables and pigtails in FTTX. Wall mounted PLC splitter distribution box with the function of mechanical splice ,fusion splice, light splitting, wiring distributions.

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8 Cores FTTH Optical Distribution Box
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