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E2000 Fiber Optic Attenuator

  • Fixed In-line Attenuator for Single-mode fiber
  • Polarization Dependent Loss ≤0.1dB
  • Return Loss: ≤ -50dB (UPC), ≤ -60dB (APC)
  • High-precision doping technology & Premium Ceramic Ferrule
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The most usual fiber optic attenuators are the female to male type, which is also called a plug fiber attenuator or connector type attenuator. They are with ceramic ferrules and there are various types to fit different kinds of fiber optic connectors. Fixed value fiber optic attenuators can reduce the optical light power at a fixed level, For example, a 5dB FC fiber optic attenuator will reduce the optical power 5dB and utilize a FC male to female attenuator. Variable fiber optic attenuators are with adjustable attenuation range. There are also attenuation fiber optic patch cables available, their function is same as attenuators and are used inline.

Our fiber optic attenuators are manufactured according to industrial standards, and they are 100% strictly tested during the production. These fiber optic attenuators are prompt delivery and good prices.

Good durability and exchangeability
Various Connector Type Available
High temperature stability
Low Insertion Loss and Back Reflect

Optical Fiber Communications
Video,CATV Systems Optical Network Equipments
Optical Test Equipments Module Pigtails
DWDM Equipment
Local Area Networks (LAN)
Multi media,Premise Active device termination installations

Attenuation Levels (+/-1.5DB): 1dB, 2dB,3dB…30dB (1-30dB)
Return Loss (PC): more than or equal to 50 dB
Return Loss (APC): more than or equal to 65 dB
Available Wavelengths: 1310nm or 1550nm or other
Operating Temperature: -50째C to + 85째C
Repeatability: +/- 0.60 dB Thermal
Stability: +/- 0.50 dB
Stable Through: 250 matings

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E2000 Fiber Optic Attenuator
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