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MPO / MTP Fiber Optic Adapter

  • Both multimode and single mode applications
  • Adjustable keyway that allows them to change keyway orientation
  • Constructed of light weight yet durable plastic
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MTP*/MPO product family utilizes push-pull connector housings for quick and reliable connections. A singlemode low-loss version of the MTP/MPO connector is achieved by using more precise MT 8-fiber ferrules and guide pins. The superior precision of the singlemode low-loss MT ferrule yields comparable insertion loss values of the single fiber ceramic ferrules. MTP/MPO connectors meet IEC 1754-7 and TIA/EIA 604-5 standards.

Mating of the MTP/MPO connectors can be achieved by using a variety of MTP/MPO adapters. For applications where EMI is a concern, a series of shuttered die cast adapters have been designed to shield and isolate EMI emissions.

MTP round jacketed ribbon cable assemblies provide easier installation than traditional flat ribbon cables in optical networks.. The primary benefit of the round ribbon cable is realized when used with multiple ribbons within a single jacket. Using round ribbon cables allows installers greater flexibility when routing multiple jacketed cables in dense system networks. MTP/MPO cables are offered for various applications for all networking and device needs like 100 Gig modules including CFP, CFP2 and CFP4 series.

MPO / MTP Single-mode/Multimode MPO Fiber Optic Adapter

  • mpo-singlemode-fiber-optic-adapter MPO / MTP singlemode FIBER OPTICAL NETWORK ADAPTERS
  • mpo-mtp-fiber-optic-adapter MPO / MTP Multimode network MPO fiber adapters
  • mpo fiber optic adapter MPO ADAPTERS PRICE
  • mpo fiber optic adapter 2 mpo/pc sm optical adapter

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MPO Fiber Optic Patch Cord
MPO/PC -LC/PC Single-mode fiber patch cord
mpo-mpo fiber optic patch cord 2
MPO/MTP Multimode OM3 fiber optical patch cord
mpo fiber optic patch cord with mpo fiber optic adapter
MPO/MTP Multimode OM3 fiber optical patch cord with MPO fiber optic adapter


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MPO / MTP Fiber Optic Adapter
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