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MU Fiber Optic Pigtail

  • NTT-MU hardware compatibility
  • NTT & JIS compliance, Compact, pull-proof design
  • High precision alignment, One piece construction
  • Tunable zirconia patch cord ferrule
  • Corrosion resistant body
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MU Fiber Optic Pigtail have a simple push-pull design and compact miniature body. It includes different polishing type. Such as MU/PC singlemode simplex or duplex, MU/APC singlemode simplex or duplex, MU/PC multimode simplex or duplex.

The MU connector ferrules are half the size of the standard FC Fiber Pigtail connectors , SC Fiber Optic Pigtail connectors (1.25 mm ferrule O.D.) MU connectors are available with 900 μm buffered fiber. MU Fiber Optic Pigtail achieve excellent insertion loss (0.1 dB typical 1 ) and provide high return loss (55 dB typical 1 ). MU fiber pigtail has a push-pull style design. Teleweaver MU fiber pigtail is completely intermateable with NTT-MU products.

mu fiber pigtail in different types

  • mu-singlemode-os1-simplex-fiber-optic-pigtail mu single mode fiber pigtail
  • mu-pc-multimode-om1-simplex-fiber-optic-pigtail mu multimode fiber optical pigtail
  • mu-multimode-om3-simplex-fiber-optic-pigtail om3 fiber optic pigtail mu
  • mu-multimode-om3-simplex-fiber-optic-pigtail om4 mu optical pigtail
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MU Fiber Optic Pigtail
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