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Fiber Optic Products Range & Solutions

Fiber InterConnections

Our Fiber Optical InterConnections include fiber optic adapter,optical attenuators,fiber pigtails, optical fiber jumper or patch cords

SC | FC | LC | ST | E2000 | MU | MTRJ | MPO / MTP

Optical Fiber Splitter

There are two types of fiber optical splitters, ( Fused Biconic Taper ) FBT splitter and ( Planar Lightwave Circuit ) PLC splitters available.

1*N SMF FBT | 1*N MMF FBT | 1*N SMF PLC | 1*2/4/8 MMF PLC

Fiber Ethernet Media Converter

They support many different data communication protocols including Fiber to Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet

10/100M Series | 10/100/1000M Series | Fiber Switches | Fiber Chassis

Fiber to The Home

FTTH optical distribution boxes, fast field connectors and ftth drop cables are the basic components in FTTH deployment

FTTH terminals | Socket Panel | Fast Field Connector

Fiber Optic Splice Closure

Main PON components in main fiber optic networks cabling both in Aerial, Pipeline and Underground fiber optic cable installations.

Horizontal Series | Dome / Vertical Series

Optical Distribution Frame

Fiber Optic Terminal Boxes vary from wall-mount, rack-mount fiber terminal box, they can be compatible with 2 cores to 288cores.

Rack Mount Series | Wall Mount Series | Cabinets